Fort Denison

Fort Denison was once a former penal site and defensive facility in Sydney Harbour, The island is also known as Pinchgut Island. Governor Phillip and his advocate-general used the name Rock Island as it once boasted a 15-metre high sandstone rock, The island was levelled by prisoners under the command of Captain George Barney Thomas Hill was a convict who was sentenced to a week living on bread and water after which the island became known as Pinchgut. Original fortification of the island which was never completed began in 1841. Construction resumed in 1855 because of fear of a Russian naval attack during the Crimean War, and was completed on 14 November 1857. The newly-built fort then took its current name from Sir William Thomas Denison, the Governor of New South Wales from 1855 to 1861.
Fort Denison - also known as Pinchgut Island
Fort Denison - former penal site