Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour stretches from the Entertainment Centre all the way to King Street Wharf on the eastern and the Maritime Museum and connects with Barangaroo. Darling Harbour is named after Lieutenant-General Ralph Darling, who was Governor of New South Wales from 1825 to 1831. Originally it was part of the commercial port of Sydney. Before the arrival of Europeans the Aboriginal people known as the Gadigal people were the original inhabitants of the Sydney Cover area and they called Darling Harbour ‘Tumbalong’ which means 'place where sea food is found'. This is how Tumbalong Park got its name. In 1788 when Sydney was established, this section of land was called Long Cove due to its length. The shell middens left by the Gadigal people from the area around Barangaroo and the surrounding areas caused it to be named Cockle Bay which has now come into use. There is now a section of Darling Harbour that is called Cockle Bay.
Pyrmont Bridge with the Monorail which has now been removed