ANZAC Bridge

Old Glebe Island Bridge The first bridge, called Blackbutts Bridge, was a manual swing span bridge openingto allow shipping into Johnstons Bay and the adjacent Blackwattle and Rozelle Bays. It was built from Tasmanian blackbutt timber. Blackbutts Bridge was replaced in 1903 with a steel bridge with two fixed truss spans and an electrically operated swing span. The bridge, designed by Percy Allan, has high historical significance because it was one of the earliest in the world to use electrical power for this purpose. The Anzac Bridge “. . . originally named Glebe Island Bridge was opened on 3 December 1995. The bridge increased the capacity of the road network connecting the city and the Western Suburbs. On Remembrance Day, 11 November 1998, the bridge wasrenamed 'The Anzac Bridge' and a monument of a digger bowed in silent reflection was unveiled. The monument is located at the western end of the bridge on the northern side. A second bronze statue, of a New Zealand digger, followed on the southern side in April 2008. A handful of sand from Gallipoli rests under the foot of the digger as a permanent connection with comrades who fell and remain at the Gallipoli Battlefield in Turkey.”